Bom sucesso(Jardim Botanico)-Bombaim Hike

  • Level - Medium
  • Cumulative Climb - 500m
  • Distance - 10,6km
  • Duration - 5h 30min

Bom sucesso to Bombaim might be one of the islands best known and most beautiful trails. Beautiful flora, good views (depending on the weather) and the ever present ruins swallowed by the forest!

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Hike description

In this hike you will navigate along the boundaries of the OBO National park. The first part of the trail is the same as the one to Lagoa Amelia. You will start off by crossing an extensive fertile land, where many of the vegetables in central market are sourced from before entering the primary rainforest. You will hike up until around 1400m and before reaching Lagoa Amelia there will be a signed way to left which will lead to Pico de Sao tome and Bombaim. When you start to go down the way will become steep and slippery. Some landslides erased the path but they can still be crossed with some care. When you find a fork, keep left, as the other trail will lead you to Pico. From then on you will go down until you find and follow Abade river immersed by a beautiful landscape. On the way you will have the chance to make some nice photos on the abandoned ruins of Tras-os-montes. Then go direction Agua belas where you will find dozens of trails opened by the Palma wine harvesters. From then on is a pleasant paved way until you reach the beautiful Roca de Bombaim.


Bombaim Hotel - Diner(owner) - +239 9830973

How to Get There

Get a Taxi in the capital. Ask to go to Bom sucesso or Jardim Botanico. The ride shall take about 30min and cost around 20 euros. Otherwise get a shared ride until S. Jose or Monte café, from then on negotiate the remaining leg with the taxi driver. The road until Bom sucesso is not in the greatest of the conditions.

Trail Conditions

It might rain, there will be mud and it will be slippery.