Fundo do Morcego Waterfall Hike

  • Level - Easy
  • Cumulative Climb - 190m
  • Distance - 7,5km
  • Duration - 2h

This great Fundo do Morcego Canyon/Waterfall is located quite close to the capital. It’s perfect for a half day out in the nature.

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Hike description

Warning!It is extremely dangerous to get into the water inside the canyon to reach the waterfall during the wet season. If there is a heavy rain in the OBO you might not notice and get washed down the river. Better to get into the water only during Gravana or Gravaninha.
This is a very pleasant easy hike with a beautiful 'finale'. You will navigate through the edible forest until on an easy old track road until almost the end. Give a shout to the owner Calito to show you around. You can also pass in Santa Fé to say Hi to the last inhabitants of this old Roça.


Land Owner (local guide) - Calito - +239 9870620

How to Get There

Get a shared taxi in the capital to Trindade city (10min). Once there organize a Taxi or Mototaxi to Santa Fé which is on the way to Bombaim and right before reaching the Roça Milagrosa. The trail starts right on the road.

Trail Conditions

Easy trail until the waterfall.