Vale do rio Waterfall Hike

  • Level - Medium
  • Cumulative Climb - 400m
  • Distance - 16,180km
  • Duration - 6h

Vale do Rio waterfall Trail is a long but an easy trail that will lead you to the beautiful waterfall passing by the charming coffee plantations of Monte Café.

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Hike description

This trail will allow you to visit the Roça Monte Café coffee plantations and pass through some old dependências, namely Novo Destino e the beautiful Formosa. Even if quite long is an easy walk and will make you immerse in the nostalgic semi lost-world of the island bulk coffee production.


Stop by Alei coffee shop to grab a cup of coffee and learn how it is processed - Amedy - +239 994 0398

How to Get There

It is easy to get a shared taxi in the capital and just ask to exit by the gates of the Roça Monte Café.

Trail Conditions

Easy trail until the waterfall.