Pico Cão Grande Hike

  • Level - Easy
  • Cumulative Climb - 350m
  • Distance - 5,7km
  • Duration - 3h

Pico Cão Grande is THE archipelago natural landmark. It’s isolation, shape and slightly Jurassic feeling make it so unique that it is impossible to stay indifferent in its presence.

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Hike description

This trails starts right inside Agripalma’s grounds. To access this area an authorization needs to be sought after in the company administration offices. You can ask your guide to do so a couple of days before.You can start walking right in front on the Agripalma’s Palm oil processing unit. Walk for approx. 2km before you enter the rain forest.You will cross a river and from then on you will have a short but steep climb to Pico.


Call Mito to take you around. He lives close to the trail start. Great guide for the whole area. (+239 9942746)

How to Get There

Get a shared Taxi in the Capital to Porto Alegre. Ask to get out in Agripalma.

Trail Conditions

You will follow first the palm plantation roads which are easy and wide. Once you get into the forest everything will be wet and slippery. There will be an ankle high river crossing in Caué River.